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by on March 18, 2013

If you’re coming here, then you know today’s the day we announced the launch of a new Cubs digital weekly called “The Ivy Drip.”

It may seem arrogant for a hockey blogger to assume that he can just start writing about baseball. But then, the baseball blogging world could probably use a spur in the ass. And maybe it’s just my boredom during the summer.

But mostly, as much of a Hawks fan as I am, my first love has always been, and will always be, the Cubs. From the day I started The Committed Indian, I hoped it would be successful enough to allow me to try one for the team I think about every day. Luckily, and thanks to you, I feel I’m at that point.

When I got to bed at night, I still see Sean Marshall hanging that curveball to Manny Ramirez in Game 1 (well, he didn’t even really hang it. Manny was just so roided up he’d hit anything to Waveland). I see Dempster unable to find the plate. I feel awful about how good that sweep of the Brewers in July ’08 felt. Will Clark’s home run in ’89 that hasn’t landed yet. Victor Fucking Diaz. An inability to strike out Luis Castillo in the 1st inning.

But it’s not all pain. Wood’s homer in Game 7 (it felt ok then). May 6th, 1998. Rod Beck getting people out with nothing but fumes. Joe Borowski doing it with even less. Jerome Walton. Aramis’s homer against the Brewers in 2007. Or the one against the Sox in 2008. I see it all.

Will it work? I have no idea. I know it’s going to be fun trying. Do I have anything new to say? Maybe, maybe not. But I know I can say it in a way that hasn’t been before about the Cubs.

I think about the Cubs winning the World Series every day. It’s the only thing I feel I have left to accomplish in this world. No, seriously. I have no desire for a wife and kids. I’ve achieved some level of success on my own path, and get to call my own shots. That’s all there is left.

Won’t you join me on the ride to suicide?

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  1. Hi, I'm Bob LeDonne permalink

    Hi, I’m Bob LeDonne.

  2. samfels permalink

    Well it’s official now, isn’t it?

    • rhodescubs permalink

      Sam, good luck with the new site. As a long time follower of TCI (and SCH before that), I know you will do well.

  3. Scott Rutkowski permalink

    First the Fire, then the Blackhawks, and now the Cubs. It’s refreshing to know someone shares my warped view of the Chicago sports world.

    Here is me showing my appreciation for creating a place to wallow in the Cubs sorrows…(Wait. There’s no video of Sosa’s dugout celebration? Really? Can I just get a drunk Mark Grace then?)

  4. Glad to see someone else had a youth filled with the same sadistic following of the Hawks and Cubs as my own. Happy to follow over from the other site.

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