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And They’re Off

by on April 1, 2013

Shark is dominating through 8 innings, Starling gets two hits, Rizzo bombs one out into the wide open spaces and the infinite sea (well, Allegheny River at least). That’s a model you could build a small part of a foundation on, hmmm?

That Marmol mime routine in the 9th? Um, not so much.

The story of the game will be Samardzija, who threw 8 shutout innings and other than the 1st inning (thanks Lillibridge for showcasing so quickly why we won’t warm up to you), the Pirates never threatened him. Most encouraging, Shark was able to take something off his slider, basically making it a slurve, to have an offspeed pitch that he could throw for strikes. And of course, the splitter was biting.

Throw in some defense from Rizzo and Castro, and that’s an all right day, no?

Other musings:

-Man that was a bomb from Rizzo. It was almost still going up when it cleared the bleachers. You know it’s bad when McCutchen doesn’t move. He probably won’t see a first-pitch fastball for a month.

-Here we go with Marmol again. Nothing’s shocking.

-Fujikawa only threw the two pitches. But hey, that was a nice cutter to start Martin off.

-The Cubs struck out a lot. They’ll do that.

-Beef Wellington showed some oppo-pop. We like oppo-pop. If he can wait on breaking balls, that will come in very handy. Oppo-pop.

Hey, they’re over .500. Enjoy it while it lasts, right?

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  1. Hi, I'm Bob LeDonne permalink

    WOOOOOOO 162-0!!!!!

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