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Running The Gamut

by on April 10, 2013

Well you’ve seen just about everything when it comes to the Cubs the past two days, haven’t you? Tonight’s 2nd inning felt like one of those incredibly punishing exercises where you wonder if they aren’t going to descend into fun-bad all at once. It’s not that the team is incompetent, it’s just that it will do just enough to lose and make innings worse than they should be.

One bad throw, one good play where he couldn’t quite get up, and another bad throw along with a catcher trying to do too much. Three runs. Three runs on a night where the wind was just howling in. You figured if the game was 27 innings, the Cubs wouldn’t get three runs.

Of course, that didn’t calculate the Brewers bullpen.

Credit to Travis Wood, who had to throw far too many pitches in the 2nd and get about six outs. But he hung tough, got into the 7th, and didn’t make anything worse by walking anyone after that.

Anthony Rizzo got a big hit off a lefthander. David DeJesus actually ran the bases. Starlin had a huge play in the 7th with a diving stop. Hey, that’s all all right.

And Carlos Marmol came in and didn’t kill anyone. In fact, his slider had that downward tilt again, as if the two days of non-game action gave him time to study. Who would have thought? Or maybe it was just not being in the 9th, but in the 8th where he used to call home.

Fujikawa of course had to make it somewhat interesting, but only because he could throw it down the middle to the Brewers and dare them to hit it as far as they could. Braun was always going to get a single like that. The difference between Fujikawa and Marmol, at least right now, is that Fuji gets movement on his fastball and Marmol doesn’t, even though it’s not quite the same velocity.

-Aoki hits like .800 against the Cubs and .200 against everyone else, right? Because he can’t actually be good.

-John Axford….proving once again that just about anyone can be a successful closer for a season.

-Well done. This was yet another early April, fuck-this-it’s-cold game where you go down three and just hope you run into one but are more interested in getting it over with. The Cubs didn’t do that, and  even if they got a lot of help from the Brewers pen, it’s entertaining to see a team show some fight.

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One Comment
  1. Scott Rutkowski permalink

    With the injuries to the Brewers and their asinine decision to carry a 13 man pitching staff I expected the Cubs to win this series. I feel no different now. The Cubs might not come in last place this year.

    Also, I hope that hit breaks Rizzo out of his slump. And Aoki is a ninja assassin.

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