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ROUNDUP: When life gives you goat’s heads

by on April 11, 2013

And with tonight’s postponement, we’ve been spared the sight of Starlin Castro slicing open a tauntaun behind the second base bag in order to save the life of a shivering Brent Lillibridge.

In lieu of a baseball game, here’s what’s up in or around the internet.

-When life gives you Goat’s Heads make Goat’s Head Soup, duh. (ESPN)

-Jorge Soler channels Juan Marichal. Uh oh. (CD, BN)

-Kyuji Fujikawa might have some command issues, even when he’s throwing strikes. (BP)

-On the flip side, scroll down for a gif of Michael Bowden hitting his spot, well in front of the plate. It’s a thing of beauty. (FG)

-I almost don’t want to say anything, but it would be becoming of Paul Sullivan to publicly retract an accusation like this. (BN)

-Apropos of my framing obsession, that horrible third strike that ended the Rays-Rangers tilt the other night might not have been as horrible as it looked (hint: AJ Pierzynski is terrible at framing). (BP)

-Fuck it dude, let’s go make a Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. (SE)

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  1. Soler. One more reason to be ashamed to be a Cub fan.

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