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Sandbags, People

by on April 21, 2013

I would think Brewers fans might wonder, when it gets late and their alone in the dark with their thoughts with no filters, why the Brew Crew can’t play all the other teams the way they play the Cubs. Oh sure, the Cubs being awful the past few years has certainly padded those win stats, along with the Brewers being at least serviceable for most of that time, if not pretty good.

But you can tell when games mean more to a team. It always seems that way in Milwaukee (just as it does on the Southside). Maybe it’s just the fans anger at seeing their stadium taken over for years, and that would make total sense. The Cubs fans that make the trek tend to be some of the more boorish that we have.

It seems as if the Brewers never miss when the Cubs open the door for them at Miller Park. And the opening of the door was the same as it’s been all year. Shoddy defensive play combined with a pitcher who can’t stop the onrushing water when a crack in the wall first appears.

Today, Scott Feldman did both. He made the error, and then turned the fissure into a full out flood. But using Feldman as a metaphor for the whole staff probably isn’t fair, because Feldman isn’t very good and wouldn’t be in the rotation if Garza and/or Baker could have stayed upright. But it happens to the others as well.

Simple grounder boned. Hanging curveball. Ball game.

Seems to happen every game. Whenever Shark or Edwin Jackson get a baserunner or two, it becomes a big inning. They either go one-two-three or there is more traffic on the bases than the Kennedy on a Friday. They overthrow. They miss their spots. Then hitters are sitting on the one pitch they can locate, and the euthanization is quick.

And so it was again.

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  1. I realize that Sveum has been dealt a rough deck with the players on the field, but he also did not need to do much for me to have a good opinion on him. The guy is following in the footsteps of Mike Quade and Lou Peniella, so the just looking like he gave a crap and knew his players names got him points. But this team’s defense is awful. For a guy supposed to be fundamentally sound and a talent developer, the blame has to start with him.

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