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You Gotta Say It Was A Good Day

by on May 14, 2013

It feels like there hasn’t been one single good day to be a Cubs fan since about September 2008. Maybe the day they briefly held 1st place in August 2009? Other than that….the day they hired Theo? Let’s just say they’ve been sparse.

Yesterday was unquestionably one. And because it might be a while before the next one, you feel you have to savor it.

It was capped off with a clean, easy win over the for-now over-.500 Rockies-but-soon-won’t-be. It’s the kind of efficient win the Cubs simply haven’t had this year, and it’s affirming to know that indeed they can get a dominant start to combine with offensive breakout over a pitcher who can’t really tell time.

But it was only the dessert, wasn’t it? Because earlier in the day, news had broken that they had re-signed Anthony Rizzo to an extension that will keep him here long past their return to relevance. It’s the kind of move and day where if you stop thinking about everything on the outside and focus on the horizon, you can see salvation there.

You’ve probably read all the viewpoints elsewhere, so I’ll just say that there’s nothing bad about this deal. If Rizzo even just steadily improves and develops from where he is now — not even a major growth spurt production-wise — the Cubs will have an above-average 1st baseman at a ridiculously low rate through his prime years. If he does explode in is growth, than other GMs are going to weep in jealousy.

Theo and Jed got in before Rizzo could pile up an All-Star appearance or two and a couple 35+ home run seasons (which feel like they’re a lock) and kept the price down. Even if Rizzo were to flatten out, at such a reasonable salary you easily could tempt another GM into thinking he can salvage him and take him off your hands. But that feels like such a low probability it’s not even worth worrying about.

But mostly, it reaffirms your faith in the fact that the Cubs have the right guys steering the ship. They may not be as ahead of the game as they once were, or even at all, but they’re as good as you’ll find. They get it. They know what needs to be done, and they do it. They identify the guys they want, they get them, and they keep them here. And they do that while maintaining the flexibility to keep doing that. It was just a day where everything felt possible again, no matter how far in the future it might be and how patient we’ll have to be to get there.

But it makes you feel like we will get there, and that’s something to hold onto as this summer begins to drag.

It was a good day. A day to appreciate. There will be more to come, for sure. But I’m going to hold onto this one for just a bit.

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