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End The Season Already

by on February 21, 2014

That may be cynical, but if the beginning of spring training is any indication of how the Cubs will be covered this year, I’d like to skip the whole thing if possible. Or at least until Javy Baez is called up.

For the most part, I think most Cubs fans, at least the ones that can read, get what the project is here. Sure, maybe it’s been harder to actually watch than we thought it would be and the goalposts seemingly moving farther and farther into the distance instead of closer. But we get it. We know that the project is bubbling under the surface where we can’t see it, until the fissures in the soil start this season and some prospect lava spills through. There’s the unwashed, and they’ve always made up a bigger portion of Cubs fans than any of us have been comfortable with, who believe that every free agent should come here and that if they don’t the Cubs are either incompetent or uncaring or both. We’ll never be rid of them, but we can tune them out.

But of course, the Cubs media can’t help themselves. Now that Paul Sullivan has moved on to a more columnist like position instead of complaining about having to watch the Cubs daily, it appears Gordon Wittenmeyer has taken up the torch to completely lose the plot and sound like a loon wondering around under Michigan Avenue. Good to know this will always be a part of watching the Cubs.

I don’t need to get into it word by word, and dear old Gordon isn’t the only media member who misses the point. The Cubs are not acting like a small market team. They’re acting like a smart big market one. There are still some out there who think you can buy a winner, because the Yankees sort of did it once in 2009. But you can’t, and the Cubs aren’t the Yankees anyway. They don’t have their own channel.

Maybe the problems for the media that follow the Cubs is the same as it is for some fans. We can’t see the progress in areas with our own eyes. It’s happening in Daytona and Tennessee and not at Clark and Addison. If you’re only watching what is wearing a Cubs uniform, then sure it doesn’t look like anything is moving forward at all. Even Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro would make you believe the whole think is fucked without any of the customary fun.

But to only look at the product up here is to have blinders on. There’s plenty of stuff to read and scouting about what is going on at the lower levels. I get it when fans ignore that or don’t have time or the energy. But that’s the media’s job, and it seems like more and more of them aren’t doing it in a gleeful rush to pile on the Cubs because it’s… fun? I don’t know, you tell me.

And we have had one full team workout. This the narrative. It’s almost enough to make you want the White Sox will be good just to take more eyes off the Cubs and lessen this bullshit. But of course that isn’t going to happen. I suppose this is how it works until an actual prospect or two come up and produces at the major league level. Then at least that’s a different story, and the whole arc of the organization starts to change. I think that will happen this summer, but I don’t know it. But now it’s not even about wanting to see it, it’s about not wanting to hear any more nonsense.

Who’s excited?

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  1. The Commodore permalink

    I, for one, am downright giddy for the Emilio Bonifacio Era.

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