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Adjust Yourself

by on March 9, 2015

Baseball players are always adjusting themselves.  It’s part of the game.  You can go back decades and document all of them.  Somewhere there is probably a website that can show you baseball players adjusting themselves.  Baseball is all about adjustments.

The biggest adjustment this spring has to come from Javier Baez.  His inability to make contact is going to be his downfall.  In an era where the long ball is dying, he needs to be able to make contact and force action. The long ball is great. Sometimes forcing action by taking what the pitcher gives you allows for you to get the pitch you’re looking for to drive out of the park. Sometimes you need to do less in order to do more with the next at bat.

It is well documented that Baez has made an adjustment at every level of baseball. We also know that there are several coaches and advisors working on his swing. We also know the opponents that are chomping at the bit to see if he is able to make these adjustments.  There have been plenty of prospects throughout their careers that could not quite make these adjustments.  Corey Patterson is the first that comes to mind.  Was he overrated by the organization or was he a top talent that just could not make the adjustments?  I bet you could still throw a fastball at the letters and he would still swing at it.

Major league pitchers will make the best prospects look silly.  Kris Bryant is going to have to make adjustments.  I know that’s blasphemy but true.  If Javy wants to succeed at the major league level he will need to tone down that swing.  He swings hard.  Real hard.  It’s almost fun to watch even when he misses by a foot.  The problem is, fun and winning sometime don’t go hand in hand.  Having a two strike approach and making contact with runners on is productive.  Production calls for runs.  Scoring more runs than the other team equals winning.

If an adjustment is not made I cannot help but think that Javy will be the first prospect on his way out of town for major league help.  There are prospects behind him and some already at the major league level that can play second base.  I hope to turn on the TV someday and see him making these adjustments.  This will not happen overnight but needs to start now.

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