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Des Moines Beautiful This Time of Year 

by on March 18, 2015

2 for 45

That’s my biggest fear. Kris Bryant would start in Chicago versus the Cardinals on Opening Day and start his career in a slump. He seems like a well adjusted young man with a great head on his shoulders. He seems destined for stardom. He has hit at every level. I just do not want to see him have to be sent down in May due to a slump. 

Scott Boras is putting pressure on the Cubs’ brass. Tony Clark is doing what the MLBPA is supposed to do by putting their two cents into the mix. Fans are yearning to see those crystal blues on Opening Day.  Thank heaven the CBA gives ownership at least one power. 

The CBA allows teams to protect themselves by sending players down to mess with arbitration and gain a year on the backend. Theo and company know darn well they are thinking past 2015 when it comes to a World Series title. They also know they fear Kris starting his career in a slump and they’d have to send him to Iowa for at bats although they’ll never say it. 

Give this rebuild a few more weeks before we start to push the fast forward button. Let’s see where the team stands in May or June before Kris gets his turn. I cannot help but think we’ll look back and laugh at the arguments people are making in a few years when he’s in the middle of the lineup surrounded by future free agents and other home grown prospects raking to the tune of 45 homers. These few weeks in 2015 will be a distant memory. We’ll be thankful he spent a few more weeks in Des Moines. 

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