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I Hate Jason Motte

by on March 23, 2015

You’d think these days, what with me attempting to be something of an actual baseball blogger, and an intelligent one at that, and with the amount of data at all of our disposals that we could be rational about any signing or player the Cubs have. But I am not a rational being.

I still hate Jason Motte and hope he never takes the mound at Wrigley.

Oh, I understand the reasoning. Here is a veteran reliever, a fall-back plan as Justin Grimm, Neil Ramirez, and Hector Rondon don’t have long track records of success. We don’t know that any one on or combination of them could take a step back this year, and suddenly the last three inning which we thought were locked down become the same kindergarten recess we suffered through under Dale Sveum. Motte could at least come in and pump fastballs over the plate enough to not turn into Salem, MA. circa 1700 or something.

I could also point to numbers that would perfectly justify my distaste for his appearance in a Cub uniform. He didn’t throw as hard last year, and seeing as how he throws one pitch that’s an issue. He gave up a lot more homers than he ever did last year, though in limited innings. He gives up a lot of fly-balls regardless, and I’m always nervous about relievers who give up a lot of those in Wrigley, though to be fair Neil Ramirez gave up a lot of fly-balls last year (when hitters ever made contact).

I know all of this can be excused by his first season back after Tommy John surgery, and the farther he gets away from that the more effective he’ll be. Or I could say he’s already 32 and he’s not going to get better in his 30s with only one pitch. I don’t need to get irrational about it.

But I’m going to. Because he still has Cardinal stink all over him and that won’t ever go away. He’s kind of most things I hate about the Cardinals and St. Louis. Oh sure, he looks all grimy and tough with that fucking stupid beard of his (and anyone who chooses to have that thing in the middle of summer in fucking St. Louis is trying to prove something that almost certainly isn’t true). But that’s the thing. The Cards always make some big stink about how they’re just a bunch of try-hard guys who just love the game and competition so much and there’s no preening (even though that beard by definition is preening). “Just a bunch of dirt dogs over here yuk yuk yuk!”

Fuck you. Fuck that.

I guess he’s an anomaly, because he’s always gotten left-handed hitters out much better than righties, and the Cubs don’t actually have anything resembling a LOOGY at the moment. The late-innings should be locked down and Grimm should be the multi-inning guy, so maybe that’s his strange role? We know Maddon will try everything.

Mostly though, the Cubs look like they could be a fun outfit this year. Like, they’re goofy and weird in the clubhouse and probably on the field. And the Cubs haven’t been that since… fuck, I don’t remember if they ever were. And the last thing I want to quash that is some Cardinal attitude about how seriously the game must be taken and look at my beard that’s how serious I am, because shaving would take away from reading a fucking scouting report or something. I feel like any player who spends multiple years in that hell hole down the river gets indoctrinated by their bullshit ethos.

I never said I was going to be rational.

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