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by on April 5, 2015

As I sit a few rows behind Len Kasper on our flight home from Phoenix I wanted to touch base about Theo’s words earlier this week. He sounded like a schoolboy excited to go to his prom.  The problem being he’s only a sophomore. 

What I took from Theo was he’s pointing towards 2016. The locker room, training facility and other amenities that Wrigley will provide players will be second to none. He mentioned a few times that 2016 will be a great year for player’s overall experience.  He was quick to point out that the distractions of having tarps flapping in the outfield will never be an excuse for this team. It is business as usual. Deal with the construction and next year will be the payoff. 

I was in favor of sending Bryant to Iowa. No argument will change my mind. Baez has a lot to learn about major league pitching. Russell is going to be fun to watch but needs a bit more “hair on his chin.”  All three moves were the right moves. It show the front office is not quite ready to say it’s go time.

If the Cubs start fast and look like contenders, Theo and Jed will make their moves to keep them in contention. If things start slow it won’t be the end of the world. They can still sell the future. Either way I cannot fathom them mortgaging the future for this season. I just hope Theo’s prom dates say yes for 2016. 

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  1. chicagoterry permalink

    Tonight’s game being cancelled is another smart move by Cubs management. This essentially equals one less game that Bryant has to sit out (the rule is 14 days… not 9 games), as well as one less game that the Cubs need to have a stadium sans 5000 paying customers in the bleachers.

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