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Mama said there’d be days like this…

by on May 5, 2015

In the midst of a three game losing streak nothing seems fun.  Blowing a lead to the division stud St. Louis Cardinals puts 5 1/2 games between you and them in early May with two games left in the series.  The nice start that was April has slowly started to fade into the past.  The great news is you have a long season left to play. The other great news is Joe Maddon will keep things fun.

We’ve already seen pictures of the Cubbies dressed in their red Blackhawks jerseys. We’re going to see the team dressed like cowboys, indians and maybe even have a disco dance trip.  The dance parties after victories will continue to take place in the clubhouse.  The young kids will sprint to their positions and run a “hard 90” to first base day in and day out.  The bleachers will open and the sun will shine.  Win or lose the Cubs will have fun that day.

Baseball is a grind.  The flights, buses and hotels will take their toll.  Yes.  These guys are paid plenty to deal with these “luxuries” but that doesn’t mean they won’t have their mental lapses and tired swings.  Watching Rizzo throw the ball around the other night made me laugh more than it made me disappointed.  It’s nice to see major leaguers look like little leaguers every once in awhile.

So when the Cubs endure a little three game losing streak here in early May it doesn’t make me too worried.  You’re going to lose games.  The Cubs are still going to lose a few series here in the coming months.  Heck, they may even take the next two from the Cardinals and win the next ten games.  You never know with baseball and that is the great thing about the sport. The Astros are the best team in baseball.  Now let’s see them do that for another 100 games before I anoint them the West crown.

Maddon is going to keep this grind fun.  He’s going to have his special tricks up his sleeve for when he needs it.  Maybe a magician.  Maybe a live rhino in the clubhouse.  Maybe even a trip to a children’s hospital or two.  That’s what makes him unique.  He has his way of going about keeping this game interesting.  The game itself can make even the most focused athletes lose interest for an at bat, a few games and maybe even weeks.  Maddon keeps it fresh.  He makes coming to the ballpark fun. The atmosphere around this team has never been better.  The play on the field will not dictate whether they are having fun or not.  Their winning will only make the fun atmosphere even better.  This game is about dealing with your failures. Maddon may not be the best at helping his players with that but he may well be the most fun and unique.

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