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Anarchists Brunch: Na Na Na Na Leader! Leader!

by on May 24, 2015

If you’re like my home blog, and our readers, it would probably mean that most of you would be surprised to learn I listen to the Afternoon Show on The Score 670. But I’m the same kind of smartass they are, so it kind of hits me right between the eyes. On Thursday, Dan Bernstein mentioned something I had never thought of before. He was commenting on how quickly and how easily Anthony Rizzo became the focal point of the Cubs, and trying to figure out another athlete in town who so seamlessly became a team leader despite his lack of age or experience. When put in those terms, the name you’d land on is pretty simple.

That would be Jonathan Toews.

Seeing as how I come from the land of ice and wind, I thought about it for a minute and it seemed like a really apt comparison. There’s obviously a couple difference. Toews was a Hawks draft pick and Rizzo was acquired. But considering it was just about Theo and Jed’s first move, the excitement level of each organization about their prospect was the same. The other difference is that Toews arrived the same year as Kane did, and Keith and Seabrook and Bolland and Brouwer and Byfuglien and Hjalmarsson and Sharp were already here. They all got to grow together. When Rizzo arrived it was… um… Samardzija? Castro I guess, but it’s getting to be a hot debate just how important he’s going to be long-term. So certainly there was more of a massive hole that Rizzo could step into.

Read the rest at CubsDen…

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