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Anarchists Brunch: The Human Element

by on August 2, 2015

I’ve written about this before, but as we’re now fully ensconced in a season where the strike zone has not been called any better than it was the previous couple it seems like it’s something that should be addressed again. It is rather amazing that automating the strike zone is not a bigger debate at the moment.

It’s especially infuriating for Cubs fans. While the Cubs almost certainly would lead the league in striking out if the zone was called properly, they’re certainly hurt by it. After all, this is the first Cubs team that has patiences up and down the lineup since at least 2008, and it’s a team built to strain and break pitchers by making them either throw a lot of pitches or come into the zone where the Cubs’ power is supposed to be on display. But how many times have we watched Fowler and Soler especially but all the Cubs hitters caught looking on a pitch that is either low, outside, or both? The “Soler Zone” has become a running joke on Twitter. But how is that skewing his development?

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