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Grown Ass Man Baseball

by on August 13, 2015

It’s at this point that it’s probably a good idea to tell everyone that we should try and come down from this buzz we’re on. If we were all supposed to calm down after the Cubs got swept by the Phillies and stop assuming the season was over, then it would follow they’re not going to win the World Series because they’ve won 13 of 14. But damn it, it’s hard. Because it’s a lot easier to make yourself feel better during a fallow period than it is to try and calm yourself down during the opposite. After all, this is the kind of thing you do this for, these stretches were even the hot, smog-filled city air feels good on your skin.

Still, I was in the park last night and that was some grown ass man baseball. And to be fair to the Brewers, they were playing it to, perhaps getting swept up in the atmosphere. Rizzo had two great defensive plays, one that will compete for play of the year. Coghlan made a leaping catch. Segura and Perez on the left side of the infield made great plays. Denorfia and Davis in left field, as well as Fowler in center all with great catches. Strop, Richard, and even Rondon getting big outs (yes he coughed up the save but he did buckle down to get the last out before the Brewers took the lead). It all felt… well, it felt again. That’s the best I can say.

And of course Montero’s screamer that ended proceedings. You could almost hear it streak by us on the third base line. That roar. I’d forgotten what that sounds like.

And then today, that was just a routine dismissal of trash on the mound. You’re going to put something named Cravy and Neal Cotts? Ok, you’ll get what you deserve. It all felt professional. Just a tactical dismantling. The Cubs haven’t done that since 2008 at least.

There are still bumps to be navigated. A losing streak in the last six weeks is going to cause everyone to tear their scalps off. The Nats and Mets could push each other to the Cubs sphere indirectly chasing each other for the East. But boy, it feels like the Cubs could put an end to this in two weeks in San Francisco doesn’t it? Come out of there with a six game lead with a month to go? That would be not exactly locked down but you’d be close to having the padlock on.

Grown ass man baseball.

Give the Cubs any opening, and they’re tearing it right open.

– A note on Starlin here. He’s received warm ovations for his pinch hitting appearances the past couple days. It’s nice to see, given how much unfair bullshit he’s had thrown his way by the fans. I don’t know if fans appreciate the professional way he’s handled his demotion. Or maybe we all just feel sorry for him, because all he really did was not produce. Despite some lapses here and there, it’s not like Starlin didn’t care. Still, considering this was a fanbase that gave David DeJesus a standing ovation after he was here for all of 12 minutes, it’s at least a sign of growth. I think. Maybe?

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