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Anarchists Brunch – The Best I’ve Seen?

by on August 23, 2015

It’s probably a bit easy to lose your head about these Cubs during this 15-4 August. During this August where seemingly everyone in the lineup is winning a game at some point, where no deficit at any point causes you to say to yourself anything other than, “Eh, we’ve got this.” So maybe this isn’t the time to do this, because no team is as good as when they are at their hottest. Just as the Cubs weren’t as bad as they were when they got swept by Philly. But I feel like I have to ask the question: Is this the best Cubs team of my lifetime?

It seems a ridiculous question on the surface. This team was merely supposed to be the display model before the ones in the years after assuredly took that title. We were supposed to see the shells of what eventually will be the best Cubs team of our lifetime, but not quite there yet. And it seems silly because likely, you’d think, this team will only win 89 games at the very low end to 95 at the very high.

The best team of my lifetime was 2008’s, which won 97 games. Sorry 2003, but that was an 88-win team that merely got hot at the right time (until it went very cold at the absolute wrong time). I was only three in 1984, so I can’t really count it. We know now the ’89 team was something of a lightning-in-a-bottle, Zimmer’s Dr. Weird act. So really, it’s just a comparison between this year’s and ’08. The results I found to be really surprising.

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