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Anarchists Brunch – Oh Right, It’s Like That

by on October 11, 2015

This is the sixth time in my 25+ years of being a Cubs fan that the Cubs have made the postseason. And every time right before they start I forget what a miserable experience it can be. I know this is a new era of Cubs baseball, but this doesn’t have much to do with the Cubs themselves. It’s just playoff baseball and its nature. Every fan is probably going through this, at least with teams with a passionate fanbase who don’t do this that often. I know my Mets fan friend is about to throw himself off a roof (but aren’t Mets fans always like that?).

At least when other sports have their big games you kind of lose yourself in the action while it’s going on. There’s too much going on or the possibility of something happening at any moment that you have to focus on. Baseball, you can work yourself into a lather between every pitch. It’s only heightened because it’s coming against the Cardinals, where that dread is always lurking. I wonder if I’ll even make it through this series.

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