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Anarchists Brunch – The Perfect Drug

by on October 25, 2015

The Brunch I didn’t want to write so soon. The one I didn’t think I’d have to so soon.

It’s been four days now, and it’s still hard to believe not that the Cubs lost, but that it evaporated so quickly. I’ve been trying to think of what this interim has felt like, and really the only thing I can compare it to is coming down (not that I’ve ever taken those kinds of drugs! Heaven for fend!) I mean, haven’t we been on a six month high? Almost every day of the season contained some new surprise, even if it was just a reminder of ones that came before. A Bryant homer, an Arrieta masterclass, a brilliant stop by Russell, the full arrival of Rizzo, the revival of Starlin, a reminder of why Lester makes what he does, and on and on it went.

And then poof. And now the autumn air has more of a bite to it. The descent into winter even more forlorn. I had forgotten what the chill feels like after a meaningful Cubs season. How Spring Training feels like some mirage on the horizon. It might as well be in 2019, that’s how it feels.

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