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Anarchists Brunch – The Never Ending Season

by on November 1, 2015

From the winter of 2002-2003, until about somewhere in 2010, feels like one constant baseball season to me. There wasn’t an offseason and a regular season, it was all just one continuous din of noise. That winter, when I was a senior in college (yep, that old) is when the Cubs hired Dusty Baker. Back then, we didn’t know he was a complete idiot and basically a health hazard to the Cubs’ young pitchers or that he would manage the big moments with either both hands around his own neck or with a blindfold on or both. All we knew is that the Cubs were serious about winning, had a team that looked like it could compete, and enough youth in the rotation at least that they might be able to do so for more than one year.

And it never stopped from there. As soon as one season ended began the furor over what the Cubs would do over the winter to be better the next season and then anticipation for spring training when those moves were made. The Cubs were seemingly never out of focus. They really only had one season completely out of it in that stretch, which was 2006, and that was followed by Dusty being whacked, the team put up for sale, the hiring of Lou, and the free agent binge to end all free agent binges. Our anticipation and angst never stopped. The World Series that went on without us was merely an obstacle until free agency and the winter meetings began. Something to be gotten out of the way.

And we’re there again.

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