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Anarchists Lunch: Jake’s Rake

by on November 12, 2015

Now that we’ve delved fully into free agent frenzy, we’re all dreaming of what pieces are coming and awaiting the excitement of that first announcement of a Cubs move. Everyone wins in November and December, right? There certainly seems to be the equal amount of smoke around David Price as there was Jon Lester last year, but that doesn’t mean he’s for sure coming here (he totally is). We’re throwing around trade rumors and getting prematurely heartbroken when one of our favorites feels like he’s going away and already trying to talk yourself down and tell yourself that it’s ok based on what’s rumored to be coming back. It’s like preparing for grief. It’s strange, this baseball fandom thing.

And yet, I’m one of those who’s trying to figure out how the pieces fit (I know the pieces fit… I know the pieces fit). I wonder if we aren’t in for a surprise or two, not this winter but in the ones to come. Let me try and show you.

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